The Dallas Lighting Market just got brighter!

The Dallas Lighting Market 

 Windward Software will be exhibiting at the Dallas Lighting Market in the James R. Moder Showroom on the 3rd Floor of the World Trade Center in space #304.

The Tradeshow runs from January 17-21, 2013 and we hope to see you there! More information on the Lighting show available at



Windward Software recently received Okanagan Life magazines Readers Choice for Best Software Development/Web Design in the south Okanagan.  For those of you who have never visited the sunny Okanagan valley in the interior of British Columbia Canada, it is an area of about 20,000 square Km (~8,000 sq. mi.) divided into north, central and south regions. You can read more about the awards at

The Readers Choice Awards recognizes the great business ideas and efforts of owners, managers and staff. We at Windward Software feel honoured to favoured by Okanagan Life’s readership and we appreciate the recognition of our efforts. At Windward Software we help you run your business, not just report on it.

Windward Software adds even more EMV support!

Windward Software has recently added Chase Paymentech Canada EMV (chip and pin) transactions to its suite of supported integrated processors. Windward System Five is now certified for Paymentech using datacap netepay 5 and the verifone Vx810 pinpad.   System Five now supports integrated EMV payment transactions for Mercury Canada, Moneris and Chase Paymentech, as well as semi-integrated EMV payments transactions for Global Payments Canada and Desjardins.  Please contact your Windward Software representative to find out which system will best suit your business requirements for the type of payment transactions you require as not all systems support MOTO, ecommerce, Pre-authorizations, loyalty or gift cards.

Improving you business bottom line is easier than you thought…

Two questions to ask yourself; Why do people return to my business? How can I get people to return more often? Your customers come back because they perceived some value; it could be price, it could be service or something else positive you have cultured in your business. One of the ways to get people to people to return to your business is invite them back! A recent poll indicated that 57% of consumers feel more positive about companies that send them emails. As a matter of fact, 67% said they purchased products in store as a direct result of receiving email. One more little fact; commercial email in return $39.40 for every dollar spent in 2012.

How do you take advantage of that business growth? Two ways; targeted email campaigns and on-line stores. Don’t groan! Windward System Five makes it easy to integrate email on on-line sales with your existing database of information. That’s right! Windward System Five has fully integrated  options that will allow you to conduct email campaigns and run and on line store without data re-entry of customer of product information. Plus you get Windward Software’s support helping you.

Think about how this example can be used for a product or service in your business. Advertise as you usually do or set up your Windward System Five to email all your clients that BBQ grills are on sale. When a customer comes in and buys a grill it starts an automated process. Upon arriving home there can be an email thanking them along with installation tips. 4 weeks later info on rotisserie accessories, 8 week later special on wood chip smoker, 12 weeks later cleaning tips with coupon, 16 weeks an invitation for beer can chicken class, etc. You can work it the same way for on-line sales too.

2012 consumer data in the US indicates spending of 194 billion up 16% (4.6% of all retail sales), and Equation Research found 87% of tablet users purchase during holidays. If you want to improve your business get on-line. Want more proof? In 2011, Cyber Monday caught Black Friday in sales.

The world is increasingly going on-line. With Windward System Five you can easily be part of the new economy. The fully integrated on-line store has a lot of standard POS features. It allows you to create price schedules and contract pricing, wholesale or preferred customer pricing, you can QR code on label to take customer to store for more information. We’ve packed this product with features that will help you run your business.

Tax Deductions are available for your Software Purchases

Are you an American based business? If so, then we have great news for you! You are then officially eligible for Section 179 of the IRS tax code!

Now if you are like most people, you probably do not know much about the IRS or its subsequent tax codes and laws. Not to worry though, because luckily for you we have interpreted Section 179 on your behalf!

So here it is – Section 179 of the IRS tax code gives your business the ability to deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income of the software and/or hardware purchases (or those financed) during the tax year. This is a brilliant incentive that was created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses (like yours!) to buy software and hardware, and essentially invest in your own business to grow and expand.

The tax savings are actually quite significant as well. According to the Section 179 website, the below is the direct simplified view of the information in terms of the cost savings available:

2012 Deduction Limit = $139,000
This is good on new and used equipment, as well as off-the-shelf software.

2012 Limit on equipment purchases = $560,000
This is the maximum amount that can be spent on equipment before the Section 179 Deduction available to your company begins to be reduced.

Bonus Depreciation = 50%
This is taken after the $560k limit in capital equipment purchases is reached. Note: Bonus Depreciation is available for new equipment only. Bonus Depreciation can also be taken by businesses that will have net operating losses in 2012.

Now, important to note here is that the opportunity to reap this tax deduction WILL evidently expire by the end of the 2012 year. Unfortunately, there is no clear direction if it will be back for next year or not – so you best take advantage of the huge saving possibilities while you can!

Here’s an example what of Section 179 can be offering your business:

What does Section 179 mean to my business? Well…
– $10,000 software investment along with
– $10,000 hardware investment
That would be a total tax deduction of $20,000 of profit your business generates. Assuming a tax rate of 35% in most small businesses this would mean a stay from paying tax to the tune of $7,000.

As a business owner, you tell us what an additional $7,000 can do for your business. The savings are abundant, you simply need to take advantage of the opportunity!

The bottom line is the US Government is taking a vested interest in their country’s business prosperity, just as we are at Windward Software. Our motto at Windward Software is “We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it”.

We believe that with our simplified business management solutions we are helping to buy back your time as a business owner. Our software is so easy, yet comprehensive it will allow you to stop “putting out fires” or doing “daily maintenance” and allow you to get back to actually running and managing your business by making calculated and logical decisions to grow your business and maintain success.

So, get in touch with us today and see how we can provide cost effective solutions to help you to start working smarter today. After all, with Section 179 in play, it is all tax deductible too. That is a win-win situation to effective business management.

With Windward Software offices located in Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois we are invested in the US economy to spur growth as well. So, call us toll free in North America today at 1-800-663-5750 or visit us at and learn how our integrated solutions will benefit your business.

For more detailed information on Section 179, please visit

By: Calum Lloyd

Using Memberships in your business?

Do you currently use membership programs in your business? Or perhaps you’re looking to incorporate this great option.

Offering your clients a membership can have many benefits for your business. By creating a membership or loyalty program you can work towards building strong brand loyalty with your clients. Perhaps your loyalty program offers members a discount, or special pricing, or other savings, or maybe it is limited to friends or family for example, or depending on your business maybe a membership just grants access to a specific area or activity. Your membership program can be any number of things that you feel will benefit your business and so long as you believe it is a value-added feature for your consumers and your business.

Regardless of your membership offerings, generally speaking the objective of any such program is to engage higher levels of customer retention, often with the focus on your more profitable segments or consumers. This is done by providing some form of increased satisfaction and perceived value to your consumers.

I feel that the businesses that use membership programs believe that if they are well executed programs, they should lead to additional usage of their company’s product or service. Typically, those customers that are members of some loyalty program are generally more likely to be more committed to that company’s products or service; thus creating stronger ties with your business! This is good news right?!

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, maybe it makes sense to offer a members program in your business. It’s obvious that your clients are being targeted by your competitors as well, so why not create a reason to eliminate the “fork in the road” in your customers decision making process? As consumers can be indecisive, you can help to influence them down the path of savings and loyalty with your business through your membership program.

Windward Software offers compatibility for membership programs. The Membership feature in Windward System Five allows you to easily sell memberships to your customers at the Point of Sale to reward them accordingly. Windward Software also subsequently provides reporting features to keep track of active memberships and manage expiring memberships. Active, Expired, Warning and similar messages can even be configured to communicate to your customer via the invoice comment through the membership feature as well.

Ultimately, as a business you should decided on your own if a loyalty program is worthwhile for you. Do you think your costs will be exceed by additional revenues? Meaning any additional revenue that may not have been attained if it were not for the membership/loyalty program you want to implement.

As you are an entrepreneur you are also a consumer. Think about it, are you a member somewhere? Are you more loyal to that organization because of your membership?

For more information, please visit or contact a Windward Software Representative at 1-800-663-5750 (Toll Free in North America) or call 1-250-492-8888 or

By: Calum Lloyd

System Five now accredited with Desjardins Flex i5300

Windward System Five is now accredited for Desjardins Semi-integrated payment processing using Desjardins Flex i5300.

The semi-integrated payment solution allows a point-of-sale system to interact with the payment solution resident in a payment terminal that is distinct from the point-of-sale system. This interaction results in an optimization of the card payment process at the point
of sale and a reduction of the errors caused by the double entry of transactional information.
Flex provides an increased level of detachment which alleviates the burden for merchants in meeting the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards. By entrusting the entire payment transaction processing to secure equipment that already meets
industry standards, it simplifies the integration with the point-of-sale system and reduces the associated with the exposure of sensitive data such as card holder information.

For more information, please contact your Windward Software Account Representative or contact us by email or phone 1-800-663-5750

Dallas FINDS lighting show

From June 20th through June 24th, the Windward Software sales staff attended the Dallas FINDS Temp Show at the World Trade Center in Dallas Texas. The FINDS Temp Show covered over 500,000 square feet and featured exhibitors in more than 19 categories. Windward Software had a strategic presence on the 6th floor that allowed us to extend our reach to everyone from lighting showrooms to furniture companies. This was the perfect opportunity to shake hands and initiate conversations with thousands of business owners and introduce them to Windward’s business management solutions. We got the opportunity to do live product demonstrations for prospects as well as have face-to-face conversations with existing Windward customers.

If you missed us at the show, visit us at our Addison office location.

Elks Darts Champions!

The annual Elks and Royal Purple National Dart Championships took place at the end of May 2012 in Okotoks Alberta. This picture shows the first place Ladies Quads from Team BC, Betty, Eileen, Marlene & Deanne, with their trophies. The Elks of Canada is comprised of 250 lodges with close to 15,000 members nationwide. One of the ways the Elks of Canada realizes their Vision of being the most progressive family focused organization in Canada is by providing venues and an organized environment for people to meet and form sport groups such as bowling, baseball and darts.

Windward Software congratulates all the participants of this years Darts Championship for winning their place on the national team by succeeding at their District and Provincial finals.  We are also pleased to contribute to the BC team jersey and especially happy to note that 9 of the 16 BC team members are from Penticton BC, home of Windward Software’s head office.

Video series debuts in 2012

It’s true, we want to help our clients run their business. We already do that in many ways with people who do their best to understand needs change from before the sale, through the implementation and throughout the many years of software use and upgrades. We also have training material to view and live training at our facilities or via the web. During 2012 we will be engaging in a new way to provide How To’s and discuss Best Practices by interviewing our own experts and expert users to give you the best advice.