System Five now accredited with Desjardins Flex i5300

Windward System Five is now accredited for Desjardins Semi-integrated payment processing using Desjardins Flex i5300.

The semi-integrated payment solution allows a point-of-sale system to interact with the payment solution resident in a payment terminal that is distinct from the point-of-sale system. This interaction results in an optimization of the card payment process at the point
of sale and a reduction of the errors caused by the double entry of transactional information.
Flex provides an increased level of detachment which alleviates the burden for merchants in meeting the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards. By entrusting the entire payment transaction processing to secure equipment that already meets
industry standards, it simplifies the integration with the point-of-sale system and reduces the associated with the exposure of sensitive data such as card holder information.

For more information, please contact your Windward Software Account Representative or contact us by email or phone 1-800-663-5750

Dallas FINDS lighting show

From June 20th through June 24th, the Windward Software sales staff attended the Dallas FINDS Temp Show at the World Trade Center in Dallas Texas. The FINDS Temp Show covered over 500,000 square feet and featured exhibitors in more than 19 categories. Windward Software had a strategic presence on the 6th floor that allowed us to extend our reach to everyone from lighting showrooms to furniture companies. This was the perfect opportunity to shake hands and initiate conversations with thousands of business owners and introduce them to Windward’s business management solutions. We got the opportunity to do live product demonstrations for prospects as well as have face-to-face conversations with existing Windward customers.

If you missed us at the show, visit us at our Addison office location.

Video series debuts in 2012

It’s true, we want to help our clients run their business. We already do that in many ways with people who do their best to understand needs change from before the sale, through the implementation and throughout the many years of software use and upgrades. We also have training material to view and live training at our facilities or via the web. During 2012 we will be engaging in a new way to provide How To’s and discuss Best Practices by interviewing our own experts and expert users to give you the best advice.

Windward Payroll Integration for US customers

Heralded by some as the greatest development to Windward System Five since windows, the integration of Payroll illustrates our commitment to making it easier for you to run your business. After a year in development we released the integrated payroll package to our Canadian customers in the fall last year.

In August 2012 we are making the Payroll available to our beta test customers. To enroll in this program, contact your Windward Software Account Representative and or see our website devoted entirely to this new product

The benefits to adding Windward Payroll to your existing System Five are tremendous. Forget importing or manual creation of journal entries to post your payroll. Upon processing payroll or a period, all entries are posted to the General Ledger real time. Have your up to date financial reports timely reflect one of the larger costs of doing business, your employees. Payroll information is sensitive so no employee information is included on these entries, just the financial value.

Payroll software should provide more than just generating paycheques. Windward Payroll offers standard reporting for the activity within the software, as well as a report writer that allows you to create your own payroll reports or select an existing report, make modifications for your own personal use.

If you are interesting in learning more about our US Windward Payroll integration, or you would like more information about our beta test customer program, contact your Windward Software Account rep – if you don’t already have Windward System Five please call 1(800)-663-5750, or email

Visit us at Dallas FINDS show (June 20th-24th)

Visit us at Dallas FINDS show (June 20th-24th)

Come visit Windward Software at Dallas FINDS June 2012 Show, booth #520, World Trade Center 6th floor.  You may also want to attend our workshop during June 21st and 22nd at our Addison training facility.

The International Home of Lighting offers more than one million square feet of light fixture resources, you’ll find fixed and portable lighting for residential and commercial projects. Around 3,000 buyers from across the globe head to Red during lighting markets each January and June.

In conjunction with with the Dallas FINDS show we are conducting some HANDS ON  workshops in Accounting and Inventory. Please register soon, the spaces are filling up quickly.

Windward Software Web TV series

We are very pleased and excited to announce the debut of own web series. Windward Software TV is our latest endevour to bring our clients and prospects the information they need to run their business.

A number of different thoughts precipitated the development of our own web series. We have been using videos for in-house and customer training, so it seemed natural to extend our reach with video. We also have many video testimonials from satisfied customers so, to change them up a bit, we’ve been asking customers “HOW” Windward Software helps them run the business. The result was that our customers began giving very useful tips and advice – even knowing that their competitors will be watching the videos! That generosity stimulated us to do likewise. The intent of Windward Software TV is to bring you How To’s.., Advice, Tips & Tricks and some Best Practices – EVEN IF – those items have nothing to do with our software. WHY? Because if you succeed, we succeed! We’ve out lined some great episodes that introduce our great staff and, very soon, some of our great customers. You’ll meet our CEO and founder Dennis Jacobsen and learn how we got our start and also why the customer is so important to us. We’ve already recorded two episodes of Bob Arklie speaking about bar coding and bar code collectors; now and in the future. You’ll soon meet Tanya who will speak about implementation, Eugene will discuss inventory control, Phil wants his say about what to look for in a vendor of any type of software, Rick will show how he uses his iPad to access Windward System Five (and how you can too).

Without further ado…see

Canadian Mint Penny Wise

Leave a PennyIt has cost Canada 1.6 cents to produce each one-cent coin. After years of discussion the Canadian government has finally decided to stop penny production later this year. With businesses ready to throw away their “save a penny, take a penny” boxes, it leaves many wondering what it will mean.

In other countries that have eliminated the penny such as Australia, it was done at the cash level. Your retail software or cash register will need to round to the nearest nickel on sales paid by cash.  You can still have the pennies on accounts receivable or credit card transactions.

Windward Software has penny tender rounding solution ready for Canadian retailers.  Is your software ready?

…the answer is RENTALS

Many merchants are asking themselves how they can win new and existing customers returning more often; the answer is RENTALS. Adding rentals to your business is a way to reinvent your business without a makeover. Windward System Five Rental POS is the perfect solution for business people parachuting into the rental business. The software is fast, easy to use and is already the preferred software solution to many common rental businesses such as Audio/Video (sound equipment) and musical rentals, Heavy Equipment (diggers etc.), Party Rentals (tables, tents, etc.) and the hardware store rentals of small tools and equipment.  It even allows you to sell and upgrade your rental equipment to customers who might be on a budget.

Ask yourself if your business is similar to those in any way? For instance, a furniture store could have a rental inventory for Real Estate staging. With Windward System Five RentalPOS, sports stores can easily get into sports equipment rentals, computer dealers could easily add rentals for seasonal businesses, garden centers can add small equipment and tool rental. Once you think about the potential, all sorts of possibilities come to mind.

Helping you realize the potential and possibilities is where Windward Software really shines. We are dedicated to helping our customers run their business so we made sure that System Five Rental POS is fast easy to learn and easy to use. For instance, in our visually appealing rental interface, to reserve an item for rental you locate the item in the rental menu (many ways to find the item) click on the item(s), click COMPLETE, select the customer from your database, click OUT and take the money! Returning items and renewing rentals is also a breeze.

If you are in the rental business, or just considering getting into it, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made it easy to start your day. With the click of a few buttons you will quickly see your Current Rentals and Overdue Rentals; the two most important pieces of information you need each day.

Let us show you how fast and easy your rental business can operate.  Call 800-663 -5750 and ask for a free demonstration.


NEW for 2012

WINDWARD SOFTWARE TV debuts in 2012. Host Kevin Schilter will be interviewing System Five experts to share advice, best practices and How To's…Windward Software 800-663-5750


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