Dallas International Lighting Marketing (Jan 14th – 18th)

dallas_market_centerVisit us at the Dallas International Lighting marketing during January 14th – 18th.  We are exhibiting in the newly built Dallas Lighting Technology Center in TM 4909 on the 4th floor of the trade mart.  This is located in the Golden Lighting showroom.


There are several technology seminars that you can attend for free included in your market admission.  If you want to learn how Windward System Five can improve your business or to make an appointment with Kevin, Tavish or Brian in Dallas, call us toll free at (800) 664-5750.

Play 9 Ball with your Prices and Win 24% More

inventory_label_9_ballIn our business experience we have seen many different pricing models.  Walk into any retail store and you may see prices ending in 95, 97 and of course the beloved 99.  We’ve all heard of the reasons for making the price look lower, but does it really work?

Are people really going to be effected by a $9.99 price point versus paying $10?  As it turns out, this tactic does indeed work, and has been dubbed charm pricing.

In his book Priceless, William Poundstone distills 8 studies on the use of charm prices, and found that they increased sales by 24% on average, versus closer rounded price points.

To further, the University of Chicago and MIT did an experiment testing women’s clothing at the price points of $34, $39 and $44.  The results showed a price point of $39 outsold even the less expensive $34 price point.

So if the number 9 is so great, what can beat it?

Robert Cialdini’s book on Influence sheds light on how a jeweler store managed to sell out of turquoise jewelry because it was accidentally priced at double the initial price instead of the intended 50% off.  The higher price made the jewelry irresistible to customers, who previously had ignored the color.

Now that the price had been raised, the turquoise jewelry had a high perceived value in the minds eye of the customers.

Have some fun and play 9 ball with your pricing.  And Remember that charm pricing and sales will drive sales in your retail business.

Label-QRHow can I do this in Windward System Five?

Adjusting prices can be done easily using our “Price Adjustment” report in Windward System Five.  Select your inventory by category, supplier or brand, pick a table adjustment method and presto, you can round all your prices saving you hours of painstaking rounding done manually.

Printing sales labels is also quick to preform.  Pick a label from our repository or design your own.  Select your inventory and print sales labels with a few clicks.  Even place a QR code on the label so your customers can get more information on your website from their smart phone.

Are your prices UNSAFE?

Price UnsafeDo you feel confident in the prices that you are currently selling at?  Are they making you the margin you expect?  Our clients often get surprised to find their margins were worse than they thought.  And their costs did not accurately reflect costing updates from their suppliers, accurate freight or even currency fluctuations.  If you suspect you could be experiencing margin erosion, continue reading…

It is common practice to set prices and then your business gets busy and you forget to revisit your pricing.  There are lots of reasons to miss this simple detail.  On a first price increase from a supplier this may be just a few dollars on a few items and you may want to avoid customers complaining about prices or the work to adjust your inventory.  What is easy to forget that as you turn your inventory a few dollars each inventory item is mounting to thousands or even tens of thousands in a year.  As gas prices have gone up this has raised the cost of freight, also raising your landed cost.  If you purchase out of country currency fluctuations could be silently increasing your cost.  Sometimes it is just the sheer amount of time to do a price update in software that keeps it from getting attention.  What compounds the problem which owners forget is sales clerks may be further discounting to win business from an already eroded price.

How do I tell if I have this problem?

Ask your team the following questions.

  • Do you apply all cost updates from your suppliers?
  • Do you include freight in your landed cost to price your inventory?
  • Do you have limits on what a sales clerk can discount to?
  • Do you regularly spot check to ensure no mistakes on cost or pricing has taken place?
  • Do you buy inventory in a different currency and pay for it over several payments at different currency rates?

If you answered no to any questions, then you need to consider what it could be costing your business.  Do some spot checks.  Pick a few items or sales invoices.  Check the cost, freight and margin you made on the sales.  Was it what you expected?

How can Windward System Five help?

If you are looking to avoid margin erosion, purchase Windward System Five will make it easy to not only import price lists, but also provides management tools to do perform fast price adjustments to all 99 price levels and your cost.

  1. We make applying price updates easy and we include the technology and training to show you how to do this yourself.  Many software solutions charge you for this service.  We certainly can charge you if you like, but include the training at no additional fee for you want to learn this yourself.
  2. End of day reports show you the average margin made on each transaction for that day.  This is a great area for a owners and managers quickly spot check and ensure inventory is not being over discounted or if data entry errors caused incorrect costing.  One of our clients shared after placing a group of inventory on sale, they quickly caught they were selling a $70 item below their cost as the retail price had not been adjusted to reflect a price increase.
  3. Our fast price adjustment utility allows you to globally updated cost and selling prices by category, supplier, brand.  We even support marking up low cost items more than larger costing inventory.  Even round to the nearest .99 cents.  We had one customer share that changing their prices from .97 to .99 would make their business $8,000 more in a year based on their volume.

“We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it”

Congratulations City Furniture & Appliance opening in West Kelowna

Congratulations to Ray & Das Kandola and their family with the opening of their newest location City Furniture & Appliance in West Kelowna.  This beautiful showroom was the hard work of the CFA team with final details happening even hours before the grand opening.  Way to go Kandola's, it looks great!

Come and experience this family business and as their tagline says, “We don't sell ~ We help you buy”




Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Software

Being Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant is a significant feat to achieve, specifically in terms of software that deals with payment card processing, such as Windward Software does.

As experienced consumers, we see that throughout the world transactions are more and more commonly being conducted via some form of payment card.  Thus, focusing on the protection of information and safeguarding data is absolutely paramount and Windward Software takes these concerns and risks quite seriously – hence being PCI compliant.

Being PCI complaint means that Windward Software has gone through the rigorous processes necessary in order to conform to the PCI standards to protect their clients as well as their software users clienteles personal information.

Specifically, Windward Software complies with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).  This standard stipulates that we build secure payment applications that are effective and yet do not store any data that is considered to be prohibited to accumulate.

Because at Windward Software, “We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it”.

Call us toll free in North America at 1-800-663-5750 or visit us at http://wws5.com and learn how our integrated solutions can benefit your business.
By: Calum Lloyd


Better Business Bureau (BBB) Windward Software's A+ Rating

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) sets out to create a society of trustworthy businesses who meet and/or exceed industry standards, strive to attain best practices, and works to the benefit of the marketplace.

As the BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors, integrity and performance, Windward Software thus works to attain both of those factors in all circumstances related to their business.

Typically speaking, performance in the eyes of the BBB is based upon a business' track record to deliver optimum results in addressing customer concerns and needs in a timely and effective manner.

Keep in mind that a BBB accreditation is not attainable for everyone, as not all companies are eligible.  Windward Software on the other hand has an A+ BBB rating, where BBB assigns letter grades from A+ (highest) to F (lowest) based on several points, such as:

  • Type of Business
  • Time in Business
  • Competency Licensing
  • Complaint Volume
  • Unanswered Complaints
  • Unresolved Complaints
  • Serious Complaints
  • Complaint Analysis
  • Complaint Resolution Delayed
  • Failure to Address Complaint Pattern
  • Government Action
  • Advertising Review
  • Background Information
  • Clear understanding of business
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Revocation

Thus, it is evident that Windward Software excels in these fields in order to continually attain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

This again is Windward Software's commitment to customer service and exceeding business standards within the software industry.

Because at Windward Software, “We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it”.

Call us toll free in North America at 1-800-663-5750 or visit us at http://wws5.com and learn how our integrated solutions can benefit your business.

By: Calum Lloyd


Windward Mobile POS Application for Android

The team at Windward Software has been working diligently over the past few months towards their first mobile pos app for Android users!

As we all realize the overwhelming influence mobile technology is having on our lives and that the continued impact of wireless connections have been altering the way we shop and SELL. This is not a new trend, yet it is one that continues to grow!

And as Windward Software strives to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions for today’s businesses – it has drove us to a mobile point-of-sale (POS) application.

Some retailers are now replacing centralized checkouts and letting clerks use portable computers or tablets to complete transactions. Representatives check stock, answer customers’ questions, and finalize sales with their tablet device now.

This type of technology will be especially useful for those employees who may work out in the field. This Windward Mobile POS solution will also allow retailers and service companies to allow employees to be more productive and to help lower labor costs.

With Windward Mobile POS you will also be able to work towards an increase in accuracy by eliminating written orders. Customers may receive faster service and error-free, detailed receipts on the spot.

Windward’s Mobile POS for Android applications is the perfect solution for line busting, outdoor sales (field service workers), trade shows, and many other applications.

If you want to learn more, call a Windward Software representative Toll Free in North America at 1-800-663-5750 or visit http://mobilepos.wws5.com/ for additional information.

Because at Windward Software “We help you run your business, instead of just reporting on it.”

By: Calum Lloyd

The Dallas Lighting Market just got brighter!

The Dallas Lighting Market 

 Windward Software will be exhibiting at the Dallas Lighting Market in the James R. Moder Showroom on the 3rd Floor of the World Trade Center in space #304.

The Tradeshow runs from January 17-21, 2013 and we hope to see you there! More information on the Lighting show available at http://www.dallasmarketcenter.com/markets/overview/lighting/


Windward Software adds even more EMV support!

Windward Software has recently added Chase Paymentech Canada EMV (chip and pin) transactions to its suite of supported integrated processors. Windward System Five is now certified for Paymentech using datacap netepay 5 and the verifone Vx810 pinpad.   System Five now supports integrated EMV payment transactions for Mercury Canada, Moneris and Chase Paymentech, as well as semi-integrated EMV payments transactions for Global Payments Canada and Desjardins.  Please contact your Windward Software representative to find out which system will best suit your business requirements for the type of payment transactions you require as not all systems support MOTO, ecommerce, Pre-authorizations, loyalty or gift cards.

Improving you business bottom line is easier than you thought…

Two questions to ask yourself; Why do people return to my business? How can I get people to return more often? Your customers come back because they perceived some value; it could be price, it could be service or something else positive you have cultured in your business. One of the ways to get people to people to return to your business is invite them back! A recent poll indicated that 57% of consumers feel more positive about companies that send them emails. As a matter of fact, 67% said they purchased products in store as a direct result of receiving email. One more little fact; commercial email in return $39.40 for every dollar spent in 2012.

How do you take advantage of that business growth? Two ways; targeted email campaigns and on-line stores. Don’t groan! Windward System Five makes it easy to integrate email on on-line sales with your existing database of information. That’s right! Windward System Five has fully integrated  options that will allow you to conduct email campaigns and run and on line store without data re-entry of customer of product information. Plus you get Windward Software’s support helping you.

Think about how this example can be used for a product or service in your business. Advertise as you usually do or set up your Windward System Five to email all your clients that BBQ grills are on sale. When a customer comes in and buys a grill it starts an automated process. Upon arriving home there can be an email thanking them along with installation tips. 4 weeks later info on rotisserie accessories, 8 week later special on wood chip smoker, 12 weeks later cleaning tips with coupon, 16 weeks an invitation for beer can chicken class, etc. You can work it the same way for on-line sales too.

2012 consumer data in the US indicates spending of 194 billion up 16% (4.6% of all retail sales), and Equation Research found 87% of tablet users purchase during holidays. If you want to improve your business get on-line. Want more proof? In 2011, Cyber Monday caught Black Friday in sales.

The world is increasingly going on-line. With Windward System Five you can easily be part of the new economy. The fully integrated on-line store has a lot of standard POS features. It allows you to create price schedules and contract pricing, wholesale or preferred customer pricing, you can QR code on label to take customer to store for more information. We’ve packed this product with features that will help you run your business.